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In Colorado, you can find gambling in many places—but not all gambling is legal. Illegal gambling cannot protect you as a player and could lead to very serious crimes. Without regulations, illegal operations may also not honor payouts.

When we all commit to preventing illegal gambling, we all win. Play legit by knowing exactly where you can game legally.

Legal Gambling

Play legit games in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek casinos along with online sport betting and off-track betting.

Serious Crimes

Illegal gambling often serves as a front door for major crimes, particularly fraud, human and drug trafficking and burglary.

Identify Theft

Security is not a consideration with illegal gaming sites which could lead to compromising YOUR personal and financial information.

Unreliable Payout

Unregulated gaming operators will not guarantee payouts for winners. You run a serious risk of getting ripped off with scams and rigged games.

It’s Against the Law

Just by participating in illegal gambling, you could be fined and even spend prison time as law enforcement will prosecute illegal operations.

Let’s take care of our beloved Colorado communities.

With many certified and legal gambling sites available, it’s never worth it to put yourself in danger. By recognizing and preventing illegal gambling, we all win.